noise.jesus ?!:D

30 04 2008

This must surely be the early gold standard to which all ludicrous music genres must aspire. Childishly controversial? Check. Abstract punctuation? Check. Insane emoticon-based sign-off? Present and correct. Come on you lot, the bar has been raised.

Kudos as well for coming on a night featuring a band called Scrotal Tunic.


Mutant disco pogo

18 04 2008

Nothing wrong with a club night called ‘Freak Scene’ or a DJ named apparently named after a hamster breed. But ‘mutant disco pogo’, and designed specifically for ‘punks in pumps’… bit self-limiting, dontcha think?

Blissful forest folk

12 04 2008

As if folk/psyche/drone with a drone influence (OK, so he likes drone) didn’t make things clear enough, time to go happily a-wandering in the trees with the frankly silly ‘forest folk’.

Techchunk Electrospunk

12 04 2008

So this is the flyer that kicks it all off, with this fabulous rhyming couplet of utter nonsense. Are techchunk and electrospunk two genres? Or is techchunk an offshoot of electrospunk? Right out of the Nathan Barley top drawer.